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Fauzi Ultimate Chess Traps 1.3 (Ctg + Abk formats)

Chess traps are moves that may tempt a chess opponent to play a losing move. Traps are common in all phases of the game but in this opening book, we focus on the opening stage.

This book has not been created for engine play since engines will rarely fall for opening traps, but I can assure you that every single line has been checked using the latest and strongest engines available in order to provide the most effective continuation for each trap.

The purpose of this book is to create a simple but deep guide to explore many various opening traps for both white and black, to study them, and possibly prepare an opening repertoire around them for the human player.

Please note that in order for these opening books to be useful and practical, I have not included any traps that would put the playing side at a significant disadvantage in case the opponent plays the correct continuation and no silly traps that no experienced player would ever fall for.

Also, note that not all the lines will necessarily lead to a forced win for the playing side, the very high majority of them will surely do, but some extra lines have been added in order to show the playing side what is the best continuation to play in case the opponent side replies with the best responses to the chosen trap.

Some useful extra info:

Once purchased, you will be able to download the zip file which contains 4 opening books:

Fauzi traps for white 1.3.abk (Usable on Arena GUI)

Fauzi traps for black 1.3.abk (Usable on Arena GUI)

Fauzi traps for white 1.3.ctg (Usable on Chessbase and Fritz GUI)

Fauzi traps for black 1.3.ctg (Usable on Chessbase and Fritz GUI)

The abk and ctg versions are exactly the same in terms of games and depth of lines.

The version for the white side includes more than 1280 traps / lines

The version for the black side includes more than 510 traps / lines

Some lines will reach a high depth, sometimes higher than 30 moves (60 ply) to give the user an idea of how to play on, even after the trap has been successful.

This is a product that I am very satisfied with, and was possible only through an accumulation of many years of work and innumerous sleepless nights to present a product which I am satisfied with, and that any Chess player and Chess enthusiast can simply use.

I personally have been using this opening book when preparing for my on-the-board chess tournaments, and it was successful in granting me many fast wins over the years.

This product is not final, as I will always keep on adding new traps for both white and black, and tweak the current included ones.

Thanks to all the people who have supported me through these years, this wouldn't be possible without you guys.


Fauzi 2.7.ctg : https://gumroad.com/l/fzctg

Fauzi Turbo 0.8.ctg : https://gumroad.com/l/turb0

Fauzi 6.9.abk : https://gumroad.com/l/fzabk

Fauzi Aggressive 5.2.abk :https://gumroad.com/l/aggre

Fauzi 6.9.abk + Fauzi 2.7.ctg : https://gumroad.com/l/fzbnd

Fauzi Traps 1.4 (abk+ctg) : https://gumroad.com/l/traps

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Fauzi Ultimate Chess Traps 1.3 (Ctg + Abk formats)

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