Fauzi 4.9.abk (Strongest chess opening book ever)

Fauzi Dabat
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This line of opening book called with my name (Fauzi) , and it started on 2006 with the very first version of the book : Fauzi 0.1.abk, and has recently reached the latest and strongest version "Fauzi 4.9.abk" . Working hard everyday to improve and keep updated my opening book based on theoretical and practical aspects, tuning by hand each and every line, and testing the book by many skillful testers which tested and confirmed the very good results of this line of books.

The purpose of this book is to be the most competitive and strongest opening book for all the competitions such as engines vs engines matches and tournaments, correspondence chess, preparation of Human players for single matches or tournaments, this book is well known for being able to adjudicate the match result by dominating starting from the opening and increasing the advantage through the whole middle game, and is well known for not covering only the opening phase but going very deeply into the lines reaching for many lines up to 80 PLY (40 moves for both White and Black).

The book likes the most e4 and d4 opening for white, and on e4, it likes c5, e5 and c6 for black.

While it completely bust some minor opening leading the strongest side easily to the victory.

You can do some researches online to see the results that this book has got in many tournaments (most of the time finishing first).

I hope you will be satisfied with this book, and you will enjoy either by winning your engines vs engines tournaments, or winning your correspondence matches, or just by preparing your own opening repertoire.

*Please note that I have also included as a small gift to the buyers, my other opening book "Fauzi Aggressive" latest version, which is a smaller opening book compared to the main book, but it is tuned in order to decrease the draw ratings by choosing only the sharpest lines which will always favor the stronger side and leading to shorter games.

Please note that this book is of (ABK) format, which works just on a few GUI's , mainly Arena (www.playwitharena.com), and some other small ones.

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Fauzi 4.9.abk (Strongest chess opening book ever)

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